Jeff Danker Buck Ventures

Ep 075: Mature Buck Hunting Tactics with Jeff Danker of Buck Ventures

Jeff Danker, host of Sportsman’s Channel’s Buck Ventures shares tips and tactics for chasing mature bucks. Jeff has years of experience chasing mature whitetails all across the country and he has never stopped learning. Now he is taking on the...

/ September 12, 2019
dove hunting tips tactics

Ep 074: Dove Hunting Without the Crowd with Outdoor Writer Tony Peterson

Tony Peterson fills us in on how he hunts doves without the benefit of dove food plots. He offers tips and techniques to help you get your limit and have fun in the process. What we cover: What makes dove...

/ August 30, 2019
buying hunting land

Ep 073: How You Can Afford Hunting Land with Dan Perez, CEO of Whitetail Properties

Every hunter would love to have a piece of land to call their own, but for many like myself, sometimes it seems out of reach, or something only for the rich and retired. Dan Perez, CEO of Whitetail Properties, walks...

/ August 7, 2019
clay newcomb bear hunting magazine

Ep 072: Exciting Stories & Practical Advice from Clay Newcomb of Bear Hunting Magazine

Clay Newcomb is an award-winning hunting video producer, podcast host, publisher of Bear Hunting Magazine, and the most-interesting man in Arkansas. The last part could be a stretch, but you don’t want to miss his bear hunting stories and advice....

/ July 24, 2019
dan infalt hunting podcast

Ep 071: Does Hunting Buck Beds Really Work in the South? A Candid Conversation w/ Big Buck Serial Killer: Dan Infalt

Mike Higman is joined by guest host, Michael Pike of The Unrested, to discuss their struggles of hunting mature buck beds in the South, with the Big Buck Serial Killer himself, Dan Infalt. Dan dives deep into the strategies he...

/ June 27, 2019

Ep 070: Alligator Hunting and Public Land Strategies for Whitetail with Chuck Echenique

Chuck Echenique has been hunting and guide hunters for alligators, turkey, and whitetail in Florida for years. He also volunteers for many big game advisory committees, giving him unique insight into the inner workings of the Florida Fish and Wildlife...

/ June 11, 2019
grant woods podcast

Ep 069: Hunting Hot Topics with Dr. Grant Woods of Growing Deer TV

Dr. Grant Woods is a wildlife biologist, land management and habitat consultant, and host of the long-running, popular web show Growing Deer TV. Grant shares his thoughts on the deer movement podcast series from episodes 51, 52, and 53, helping...

/ May 21, 2019
Lindsay Thomas Jr

Ep 068: SE Deer Study Group 2019 Recap w/ Lindsay Thomas Jr. of the Quality Deer Management Association

Lindsay Thomas Jr., Editor of Quality Whitetails, is back for our third annual Southeast Deer Study Group recap. We cover a wide variety of topics including mature buck movements, CWD, coyote predation, and the effects of a late rut. What...

/ April 29, 2019
southern hunting podcast

Ep 067: Turkey (and Deer) Hunting the South with the Southern Outdoorsmen

Jacob Myers and Andrew Maxwell for the Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast and YouTube Channel join the show to talk about how turkey season has treated them so far. We discussed things they’ve learned and what they expect for the second half...

/ April 18, 2019
turkey hunting and scouting with Scott Ellis

Ep 066: Turkey Scouting & Hunting with Scott Ellis

Three-time national calling champion, Scott Ellis of Central Florida, shares his advice on scouting for turkey and hunting new properties. We cover a wide range of topics with information sure to help any turkey hunter. What we cover: Update of...

/ March 28, 2019