Chuck Echenique has been hunting and guide hunters for alligators, turkey, and whitetail in Florida for years. He also volunteers for many big game advisory committees, giving him unique insight into the inner workings of the Florida Fish and Wildlife management of several species.

We covered a wide variety of topics so if you are not interested in one of them, feel free to skip ahead to the next topic.

  • Mike’s Intro with a Quick Jeff Lindsey interview- 0:00
  • Interview with Chuck, Starting with Gator Hunting- 8:14
  • Florida Public Land Quota Application Strategies- 50:03
  • Public Land Scouting and Hunting Strategies- 59.37
  • Update on the Bear Hunt in Florida- 1:33:02

What we learn:

  • What Opportunities are There for Hunting Gators in Florida?
  • What Equipment is Needed for Gator Hunting?
  • What are Some Gator Hunting Strategies?
  • Some Great Gator Hunting Stories
  • Gators are Smart?
  • Where to Apply for Public Land Quota Hunts in Florida
  • Using Trail Cameras on Public Land
  • Scouting Public Land
  • Is it Better to Stay in One Spot for a Weekend, or Jump Around the Property?
  • What are Preferred Food Sources for Southern Deer?
  • What Buck Sign Should You Focus On?
  • Watch for Maiden Cane!
  • How to Have Success Going in Blind on Public Land
  • Chuck’s Top Tips for Deer Hunting
  • What is in Chuck Pack?
  • Florida Bear Hunt Update!

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