This project has been in the works for months! We talk to Dan Infalt, the “Big Buck Serial Killer” from Wisconsin and a Michigan legend John Eberhart about their unique scent control tactics. We interviewed these guys separately and have combined the interviews into a 3-part series. Both hunters have had tremendous success hunting mature bucks on public land. They don’t pull any punches when it comes to comparing their scent control tactics and how they differ.

Dan Infalt

Dan grew up and has lived in SE Wisconsin his whole life. He was the youngest of 11 children. Because he grew up without much money, hunting, fishing, trapping, and gathering were more of a way to survive than a hobby. Dan now works as a Prototype machinist. On the side he teaches workshops where he shares his personal scouting and hunting tactics, showing students the properties he hunts while examining some of his most successful set-ups on mature whitetail deer. Dan and his tactics have been featured in many magazines, such as Field & Stream, Deer & Deer Hunting, North American Whitetail, and more. His scouting and hunting tactic videos have helped countless hunters revolutionize the way the chase mature whitetails. He has taken well over 30 Pope and Young quality deer over the years, mostly on heavily pressured public land. He doesn’t like hunting by or supporting their strict guidelines, so you won’t find most of them in any record books.

John Eberhart

John currently has 30 bucks listed in the Commemorative Bucks of Michigan record book and they came off 19 different properties in 10 different counties with many coming from public land. He took the Michigan state record muzzleloader buck in 1981 from public land and that has been the only state record buck to come off state land. In 1997, he began bowhunting out of state, during Michigan’s gun season and to date has taken 19 P&Y class bucks on his 21 week long out of state hunts. John along with his son Chris has written 3 books on hunting pressured whitetails and he has written instructional bowhunting articles for Deer & Deer Hunting, Peterson’s Bowhunting, Bowhunting World, & many more. He has also produced instructional DVDs on his hunting and scouting techniques.

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What We Learn In Part 2:

  • Tracking Dog Test Results and Analysis
  • How does hunting high effect scent control?
  • How do Dan Infalt and John Eberhart feel about Ozonics, Nose Jammer, cover scents, etc.?
  • Where does John Eberhart buy his scent free products?

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