Mike Higman is joined by guest host, Michael Pike of The Unrested, to discuss their struggles of hunting mature buck beds in the South, with the Big Buck Serial Killer himself, Dan Infalt. Dan dives deep into the strategies he uses to kill mature bucks on public land and how he would adapt them to southern states. He tackles some tough questions about how his strategies work in the thick swamps and piney woods found south of the Mason-Dixon. There is sure to be information useful for whitetail hunters from across the US in this enlightening discussion. He also gives us an update on the production of his popular Beast Hunting Gear.

What we learn:

  • How would Dan Infalt hunt mature bucks in the South?
  • Why Dan thinks all day sits are generally a waste of time.
  • How would Dan combat the problem of overabundant food sources?
  • How to locate buck beds with no snow.
  • When is the best time to scout?
  • What is the latest news with Beast Hunting Gear?

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Posted by Mike Higman