Lindsay Thomas Jr., Editor of Quality Whitetails, is back for our third annual Southeast Deer Study Group recap. We cover a wide variety of topics including mature buck movements, CWD, coyote predation, and the effects of a late rut.

What we learn:

  • Is Kentucky in the South?
  • Late fawn births, resulting from a late rut, result in lower productivity for young does the following year
  • TN created a rating system for CWD risk among their counties that correctly predicted the most likely place for it to appear, Unfortunately, it was too late
  • We are not all going to die from zombie deer and scientists have not been able to show that CWD could cross the species barrier to humans
  • Bucks labeled as “movers” are 81% more likely to be killed by hunters than bucks labeled as “sedentary”
  • Deer have been shown to breed in Florida every month but May
  • Planting native grasses could be a waste of money
  • Rainfall can have a large impact on antler growth in dry areas, and effects can last the life of a buck
  • Mowing clover fields is a waste of time
  • Coyotes and other predators kill a ton of fawns in N. Georgia

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Posted by Mike Higman