By Adam Crews

Before the advent of the turkey hunting podcast

I remember the first time I discovered a radio show that was dedicated to hunting. It was 4:30 am, opening day of turkey season, and the host was talking about putting in food plots for his deer hunting property. The first thing I remember about this encounter with outdoor radio was the feeling of excitement and hope that this type content would continue — the second was of disappointment because he wasn’t talking about turkey hunting! 

Many years have since passed and now we have more hunting content at our fingertips than we have time to listen to. This is great news for hunters, but sometimes finding quality content can be difficult. I thought putting together a playlist of the top turkey hunting podcasts would be valuable to all turkey hunters. Bookmark this link as I’ll keep this updated as new shows come out — and please give this a share on social! 

The Turkey Hunter Podcast

Andy Gagliano has more turkey hunting podcast content than any other show available, and he hasn’t slowed down. If you have a question about turkey hunting, then Andy has covered it on his show. Here are some of our favorites:

 Down South Hunting Podcast

Like the rest of the podcasts listed here, we’re heavy on deer hunting content. We’re also in our first year of podcasting and just now adding turkey hunting episodes, but this a priority for Spring. Here are our favorites in no particular order:

Primos Hunting Calls

If you turkey hunt, there is no need for introductions to the team at Primos. They are literally the pioneers of turkey hunting content and now they’ve entered the podcasting world. Lake Pickle is just now getting this project started, but I’m sure this list will grow in the future months.

The Hunting Public 

Another new podcast, and one that is focused on deer hunting – but Aaron Warbritton is one heck of a turkey hunter and a great teacher. This is quickly becoming one of the top hunting podcasts out there and it’s always at the top of my subscriptions.

Rich Outdoors

Cody Rich has some of the best hunting content out there when it comes to Western Big Game – and he doesn’t disappoint when he throws out some turkey hunting content. If I can ever get out West to turkey hunt, Cody is the guy I’d like to tag along with. Listen to a few episodes and I believe that you’ll agree.

Top Turkey Hunting Podcast — Stand Alone Episodes:

Here are some other podcasts that have produced great turkey hunting episodes. I’ll keep this list updated — so keep coming back to check:

Chasing Tales

Wired To Hunt

Jay Scott Outdoors

The Meateater Podcast

The Southern Outdoorsmen

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Also, send us links to your favorite podcasts and we’ll consider adding them to this list. 

Posted by Adam Crews