***I will update this list from time to time, so make sure to check back frequently for new episodes of the best elk hunting podcast***

Twenty-two hours. That is how long it takes to get from Tennessee to Colorado. That is a lot of time to think about elk hunting and a great time to hang out with some elk hunting veterans.

Before any road trip, I download all of my favorite podcasts so I am not looking for quality content while I drive. Part of my preparation this year lead me to consider the podcasts I will listen to on my way to hunt. That got me thinking – Why not share this resource with others?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”


Why not spend 20+ hours with some of the most knowledgeable elk hunters in the country before you enter the woods?

How to access these Podcasts

  • Bookmark this link to access the list in bulk while on the road.
  • Make sure you subscribe to all of the podcasts beforehand.
  • Review this list and download the podcast you want to listen to – If you do not have unlimited data. If you do, just keep coming back and link to the next podcast.
  • If you have an iPhone you can access all of these from the Podcast app that is already on your phone. 
  • If you have an Android you will need to look at Stitcher and Podbean. (There are more, but these are two of the most popular).
  • The links for Jay Scott Outdoors will take you to his site. You will have to find the podcast by referring to the episode number in your Podcast App; i.e.Ep 032 on Jay Scott, is Episode 32.  

Rich Outdoors Podcast – www.therichoutdoors.net

  1. Ep 004: Jason Phelps: Elk hunting, tips and tactics for elk calling, and call selection
  2. Ep 013: Corey Jacobsen: Elk calling, finding new areas, and tips for when things don’t go as planned
  3. Ep 015: Jason Phelps: Top 10 mistakes of elk hunters
  4. Ep 022: Zach Bowhay: Becoming the 10% of DIY elk hunters
  5. Ep 024: Jason Phelps: Elk hunting gear for success
  6. Ep 027: Shop Talk with Lewis Shetler: Elk calling from the tournament to the woods with
  7. Ep 029: Shop Talk with Steve Howard: Born and Raised Outdoors
  8. Ep 052: Ryan Carter: Elk hunting the big boys
  9. Ep 064: JR Keller: Elk hunting and Hunters Specialties
  10. Ep 067: Corey Jacobsen: University of Elk Hunting
  11. Ep 070: Will Primos: Elk hunting and success
  12. Ep 072: Brian Uthmann: The Greatest Elk Hunter You Have Never Heard Of.

Jay Scott Outdoors – www.jayscottoutdoors.com

  1. Ep 032: Calling Elk with 8 time world champion Corey Jacobsen
  2. Ep 039: Utah Archery Elk Hunting on Monroe Mtn Part 1
  3. Ep 040: Utah Archery Elk Hunting on Monroe Mtn Part 2
  4. Ep 041: Elk Calling, Behavior and Understanding the Doorway with Chris Roe
  5. Ep 049: Why it Matters Elk Behavior with Chris Roe
  6. Ep 050: How to Field Judge Elk Part 1
  7. Ep 051: How to Field Judge Elk Part 2
  8. Ep 062: Bowhunting Elk Tactics
  9. Ep 063: Bowhunting Elk Tactics 2
  10. Ep 067: Elk Hunting-Maximize Success with Chris Roe
  11. Ep 072: World Champion Elk Caller Joel Turner
  12. Ep 161: Real Elk Sounds #1 “Cow Elk-Lost mews and Assembly Mews with Chris Roe of Roe Hunting Resources
  13. Ep 162-165: Elk Calling Tips with Jason Phelps of Phelps Game Calls
  14. Ep 166: Real Elk Sounds #2 “Bull Elk-Dominant Bugle” with Chris Roe of Roe Hunting Resources 169-172 50 Archery Elk Harvested with Michael Park

Gritty Bowmen – www.grittybowmen.com

  1. Ep 002: Are you a Dragon Slayer? Elk Calling Strategies with Phelps Game Calls & xXx Archery
  2. Ep 018: Meat Care with Aron Snyder
  4. Ep 027: Elk Hunting- How Corey Jacobsen Does It! Part 1
  5. Ep 034: Part 1 Elk Hunting Insanity in the Colorado Backcountry – w/Aron Snyder & Colton Lee Conrad
  6. Ep 034:Part 2 Elk Insanity Deep in the Colorado Backcountry – with Aron Snyder and Colton Lee Conrad
  7. Ep074: Elk Hunting with Jason Phelps and Charlie Smith
  8. Ep 099: Phelps’ Elk Nuggets #1
  9. Ep 101: Phelps’ Elk Nuggets #2
  10. Ep 105: Phelps’ Elk Nuggets #3
  11. Ep 115: Phelps’ Elk Nuggets #4 – No Link
  12. Ep 118: Phelps’ Elk Nuggets #5 – No Link
  13. Ep 124: Phelps’ Elk Nuggets #6 – No Link
  14. Ep 129: Corey Jacobsen Talks Elk Hunting: Elk101 #2
  15. Ep 137: University of Elk Hunting Online Course with Corey Jacobsen

Randy Newberg HuntTalk – www.randynewberg.com

  1.  Ep 008: Randy Newberg talks with Charlie Decker & Bob Munson, the founders of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  2. Ep 014: Randy Newberg talks with Corey Jacobsen, owner of Elk101.com and 8-time Elk Calling World Champion.
  3. Ep 015: Randy Newberg explains the western state elk tag drawing systems
  4. Ep 019: Randy Newberg talks equipment; a ‘Podcast bag dump’
  5. Ep 030: Randy talks elk hunting strategy, day-by-day, over a five-day hunt
  6. Ep 036: Pre-season planning

Posted by Adam Crews