Mike and Kyle caught up with Lake Pickle and Jordan Blissett at the QDMA Deer Convention. These guys are cameramen for Primos’ Truth About Hunting TV show and hosts of the Primos’ Speak the Language Podcast. In addition to hunting with that, they help manage the legendary Cottonmouth property. These guys know southern deer hunting, are turkey slayers, and experts in habitat management, plus they are great guys to talk to.

We covered hunting tactics throughout the season, food plots, habitat management, and heard some great stories.

Before the interview, Mike and Adam cover how the New Ground Challenge is going for them in gaining access to new property. They also talk about their last week in prepping for deer season. After that, Mike talks to Tom waters about the success he has had using the OnX Hunt app to get access to private property. He also had a really cool cow elk hunt in KY to talk about.

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What We Learn In This Episode:

  • What to plant in food plots in the South
  • Early season food sources and tactics
  • Rut strategies
  • What it’s like to hunt with Will Primos
  • How to get into filming for the hunting industry


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Posted by Mike Higman