We dive into GPS whitetail deer tracking studies with respected biologists, looking at how weather affects deer movement. You may be shocked at what they have to say about it. We also talk to experienced hunters about how weather affects their hunting strategies and how this information will affect them in the future.

Part one begins with Spencer Neuharth of Rut Fresh and the Wired to Hunt Rut Radio. Next up is our own Adam Crews with how weather affects his hunting. He is followed by Will Brantley, the hunting editor at Field and Stream and Outdoor Life and Jeff Gienke of the Hunting Beast.

Then we look at GPS tracking studies with Dr. Bronson Strickland of the MSU Deer Lab and Dr. Stephen Webb of the Noble Institute. Their observations may totally change when and where you hunt.

Part 2 will continue the series with Dr. Duane Diefenbach of the Penn State Deer Forest Study Group and Lindsay Thomas Jr., editor of Quality Whitetails magazine and communications director at the QDMA.

For a different perspective, we talk to the Mad Scientist of deer hunting, Mark Drury, about how weather impacts his hunting strategies. Finally, we will wrap up the series by circling around to the hunters we spoke with at the beginning to see if this will impact the way they hunt.

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Posted by Mike Higman