If you subscribe to magazines such as Eastmans‘, or follow internet talk forums such as Rokslide, more than likely you have noticed the rise in backpack hunting. As the number of hunters rise, the amount of uncrowded land to hunt shrinks. The only logical way to beat the crowd is going deeper than most hunters normally go. Going deep into the backcountry means more wear and tear on your leg muscles and back. The best way to find animals that are not pressured is to hike many miles in and make camp to stay overnight away from the crowds. Heavy loads and a long hike can create serious fatigue.

As hunters begin the pursuit of backcountry hunting,  they will need to lighten their packs in order to save their energy for the hunt. To make gear lighter means there will be more costs associated with designing and manufacturing specialty products. This also opens the opportunity for new companies to enter the marketplace with technical innovations, and lower cost to the end-user.

One such company is VIAM outdoors. VIAM is American-made and handcrafted in Washington. Their products are covered by a manufacturer lifetime warranty, and are carefully designed to meet the needs and demands of backcountry hunters. When hunting miles away from civilization is important, it is crucial that you can trust and rely upon your gear. It is also comforting to know the products you purchased are fully supported and warrantied by the manufacturer.

VIAM offers innovative and lightweight products at an affordable cost to the buyer. You will find products such as: tarps, quilts, pouches, and other gear that you would need outdoors. Below you will find pictures of some of their best sellers, click on the picture to link to their site, where you can find more information and order online.

Glacier Peak Shelter

Made from 1.9oz ripstop, fully waterproof.
Pitched dimensions:
8ft long, excluding beaks
Front: 5ft wide, 3ft tall
Back: 3ft wide, 2ft tall

Available options:
Desert Tan or Foliage Green
Front and rear Hatches
2 Vents
Stove Jack installed on front hatch
Pole and stake kit

Baldy Mountain Tarp

The Baldy Mountain Tarp is ideal for a 1 person shelter out of the elements. There are endless configurations that this tarp can be assembled in, depending on what mother nature is dishing out.

This tarp is 118″ so there is plenty of room for one person and their gear.

Made from Silnylon with HyperD reinforcements on all stacking points.

Slightly larger than a baseball compressed.

L- 118″
W- 57″

Weights 7.5 oz with stuff sack

Hip Zips

These Hip Zips are made for the individual that needs more capacity within their pack.

These will attach to any back with molle webbing. (Mystery Ranch, Badlands, MaxPedition, Tenzing, Kifaru, etc.)

Made with:
-500d Cordura. DWR coating on the outside, Urethane coating on the inside
– YKK Zippers
– Metal 3 Bar Sliders/ Tri-glides

Three sizes available
Small- 7.5″Lx2.5″Wx4″T 75 CI
Medium- 8.5″Lx2.5″Wx6″T 127.5 CI
Large- 8.5″Lx4″Wx7.5″T 255 CI

**Velcro and Elastic attachment also available per request (Kuiu, Kifaru, MaxPediotion, Cabelas, Slumberjack, Tenzing)

*Easton 2Litre Water bladder is for size reference only. Not included in sale.

G3’s (Glacier Gear Grabs)

The perfect addition to your pack for organization. These pouches are designed to stash like items to make life easier on the trail.

500d Cordura
Urethane coating on inside. Highly water resistant
YKK Zipper

XS- 7.5″Lx3.5″Wx1.25″T 32..8 CI 1.15oz
S- 9Lx5Wx1.25T 56.25CI 1.4oz
M- 12.25Lx6.5Wx1.25T 99.53 CI 2.35oz
L- 14Lx9Wx1.25T 187.5CI 3.05oz
XL- 18.5Lx13Wx1.25T 292.5 CI 4.75oz

4 Sizes (XS-L) $42
All 5 sizes for $56

Insulator Quilts

The Insulator Quilts are made from your choice of fabrics and your choice of Climashield APEX insulation. Climashield APEX is a synthetic, continuous filament insulation, that doesn’t require any quilting, meaning no cold spots.

Draw Cord and Velcro Closure at the footbox.

Climashield will retain the heat value, even when wet. Resulting in an obvious choice for outdoorsmen conquering the trails by 6am!

Our Insulator Quilts come in 3 sizes and 3 different temperature ratings.
Regular- 6ft Tall x 58″Wide
Long- 6ft 6″ Tall x 58″ Wide
Extra Long- 7ft Tall x 58″wide

Climashield APEX Insulation Temperature Ratings:
2.5 oz/sq yard 50 Degree F
3.6 oz/sq yard 40 Degree F
5.0 oz/sq yard 30 Degree F

***If you would like to have 2 different colors, inside and outside, please leave us a note indicating which colors***

Posted by Adam Crews