Adam Crews listens to Mike Higman ramble about hunting for over an hour. OK, not really, but something like that. The truth is, we had some things fall through with some deer and turkey hunting experts and wanted to cover some interesting topics and get a little deeper into what makes us tick as hunters. If you think Mike & Adam are interesting, you’ll love it. If you think they are better hosts when keeping their mouths shut, see you in episode 36.

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What We Learn In This Episode:

  • We have our first partner in Nomad Outdoors!
  • Adam’s turkey season update
  • Mike’s Deer Season Property Changes
  • Thoughts on Southern Deer Bedding
  • Our Feelings Before and After the Scent Control Series
  • Whitetail Hunting vs Elk Hunting
  • Saying “Guys” is an All-inclusive Term

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Posted by Mike Higman