Over 100 years of whitetail hunting knowledge and experience in one podcast! Prievious guest David Toms joins me interviewing Michigan hunting legend John Eberhard. We start by discussing the recently completed Public Land Challenge, including Tethrd, The Hunting Beast, The Hunting Public, and more friends.

We move on to discuss John’s scouting and rut hunting tactics. We explore in-season scouting, hunting bedding areas, calling, and how those tactics change based on location and hunting pressure. In Part 2, we will focus in on some of Dave’s tactics and how John would adapt his tactics for the South.

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Show notes, resources, links:

Florida Bear Management Plan Survey (due 11/6)

Floida Proposed Rule Changes Survey

THP Podcast Episode 80 at The Pulic Land Challenge

Saddle Hunter Forum

John Eberhart’s Website with Books and Scouting Workshop info

David Tom’s YouTube Channel

You can reach me at downsouthhunt@gmail.com

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Posted by Mike Higman