Florida Fish and Wildlife has announced some major regulation changes effective in July of 2019. Ian Nance of the Lakeland Ledger Good Hunt column and Florida Hunting advocate Chuck Echenique discuss the reasoning and consequences of the changes, including a new season bag limit, deer harvest reporting, turkey hunting hours, hunting season dates, and more. Chuck also gives us an update on the future of bear hunting in Florida. While these changes are specific to hunting in Florida, the political process and biology behind them will resonate all across the South.

What We Learn

  • Intro
    • Free Version on OnX Hunt
    • Where is Adam Crews?
    • How did Mike’s recent hunts go?
    • What’s going on with the Hunting Gear Deals review program?
    • New gear podcast is coming soon!
  • Podcast
    • New turkey season public land hunting hours
    • Laser and rangefinder sights for archery
    • .30-caliber muzzleloaders and air guns
    • Season date changes and Florida’s R3 efforts
    • Deer season bag limits and harvest reporting
    • Bear hunting in Florida

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Posted by Mike Higman