At the end of every turkey season, I look forward to receiving a debrief of ‘Boog’s’ turkey season, and I feel honored that he takes the time to share this with me.¬†Some years these emails are full of details of the year’s hunts, and some years it’s a reflection of the sport that he dearly cherishes.

This year I asked if I could share this with you, and I hope you enjoy his words half as much as I do. – Adam Crews

By David ‘Booger’ Maynard

Turkey season ended a few weeks ago, and I have had time to reflect back to this past spring.

It was cold, wet, windy, pretty typical spring in Tennessee. One thing for sure, turkeys are God’s creation and they always seem to be unpredictable no matter how much you think you know and how long you have spent chasing them. After 32 years of hunting these creatures, they are still the master of their domain. Just being able to hunt these majestic creatures is a challenge like nothing in the sporting world.

We kill a few, spook some, we said what if, scratch our heads, get up the next morning and go after them again. I never get tired of the thunder gobble, and watch proudly strutting for the hens, then vanish into the woods like a vapor. Turkey hunting is a special sport, after a defined subject, lots of short nights and early rises, but for me there is nothing I would rather do in our great outdoors. I believe it is one of the greatest challenges on a sportsman’s bucket list. The more time I spend chasing them, I realize the less I know about what makes them tick. When we are able to put our tag on one remember God put them here for us to hunt and enjoy his creation and with health and ability hopefully you and I can chase them for many seasons to come.

To a true turkey hunter just being able to go into the woods and hear that early gobble is worth ever minute that God has provided for our pleasure and enjoyment. As my late friend Tommy Bourne would say, “It’s that sound like no other”.

Enjoy the summer, deer season will be here in no time.

Hunt hard and good luck!
– David ‘Booger’ Maynard

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